Spontaneous human combustion

Spontaneous human combustion (SHC)
Mysterious phenomenon, strange and frightening, there is no scientific explanation is clear until now, as the burning of the rights without the left only minor parts of his body.

The phenomenon of self-combustion has gained wide fame after he talked about the great English writer (Charles Dickens) in some detail in his book known as Bleak House). The incident, which took place in the Us State of Florida from months accidents self-combustion, when I found the WIDOW (Mary) professional ريزر her completely without the remains of only simple parts of her body, while found all kitchen utensils in the kitchen melted completely, and the experts have estimated the temperature (Mary) b(1500) degrees Celsius!! A considerable degree can not only are they being artificially created using the HOLOCAUSTS of enormous size, such as those for waste incineration or bodies, there are many other incidents that are more surprising, perhaps the most famous incident of a dancer (mile Andrews) when burned in a surprise in front of a crowd of the public in one of the night clubs in 1930 and left nothing at all, in fact, there are more than 200 one incident recorded by the forensic auditor similar cases where people burn completely without any reason, leaving behind the simple parts of the body, and sometimes nothing at all the fact that there are more than 200 one incident recorded by the forensic auditor similar situations where people burn completely without any reason leaving behind the simple parts of the body, and sometimes nothing at all. Involving UNMEE patrols such as the one that occurred in 1956 when an old woman burned to the bottom of the knees a few centimeters and sit on the wooden seat, the same seat without any something, or even the effects of fire!! The Temperature was estimated in those ms. more than (1800) degrees Celsius!! The most INTRIGUE scientists in the phenomenon of self-combustion is the enormous temperatures which victims, not ever burning human cells that happens temperatures up to this high grades, and the eruption of fire without cause is impossible from a scientific point of view. Although the recognition of scientists that phenomenon, but, as we mentioned at the outset. have been unable to find any scientific explanation or even the ASSUMPTION

The basic common factors self-combustion phenomenon: 

  • all incidents of self-combustion) that the fire had appeared (INSTANTANEOUSLY) without the presence of any source of heat is estimated at more than 1,500 degrees Celsius. 
  •  Affected by burning the body of the victim only (stem is often affected and the backbone of the sound remains foot) often is not affected by any of the tools of the room, where there has been self-combustion. 
  • Most of the accidents happen inside the houses and not in the open air or the street. . 
  • There are rarely witnesses to these incidents. - These incidents occur often older women?

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