is an important phenomenon of paranormal phenomena of the senses, where the animals or humans in the air without using any known means, and it is said to occur during mediation and Sunnis Sufism and acquisition.

It is said that Al majusi shimon) lifted himself in the air to show his abilities in front of the quarterly (Peter), Boutros to expose the trick, Here God Majusi Hui Majusi ground and died. There are similar short stories of Buddhists and Hindus ninja 2 Japan 1979-1999. It is sometimes said that the tricks of the high Rope - which MASTERED Indian poor - which is part of the HYPNOSIS, because some witnesses and see what happens, while others see nothing. Did psychics predict the subject of Levitation is known for this.. It is said that the (Daniel Douglas Home) he practiced repeatedly, it was in 1868 that he was seen coming out of the third floor overflowing inside the second floor.
But many of those who carried out this act shows that they have used the high wires, it is said that the Hypnotism plays a huge role in this.

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