Legendary continent.. The first description of that continent was by Plato in 350 BC in two famous discussions called (Critias) and (Timaeus)
.. Says that the great Greek named (Solon) visited Egypt, he knew from  the priests, there is the story of the continent..
 We have described how Atlantis advanced rich and militarily strong, and how controlled days on all of Europe, and said that the only people that defeat was Greece.

Then after the defeat happened it sank in the Pacific Ocean Earthquake Atlantis.. The man was martyred with the Egyptian priests who lived before 200. (Solon) said that the gods of the Greeks divided the world among them, that was chosen (Poseidon) the God of the sea and the African continent in particular. He married a woman from human beings called (cleto).. They built a house in the center of the country, exactly, took this house five overlapping circles of water and land for protection. On this house built fences city arose (Metropolis) legend has it that (Poseidon) BEGOTTEN of the five twins.. All males. The first one was twins (Atlas), which we know, holding the sky on his shoulders as the words (Plato) must be the destruction of Atlantis occurred in 9600 BC, historians believe that there is confusion in one of the ZEROS. The Atlantis crew had been destroyed since the 900 Year 9000 Year.. So we can say that it lived the Bronze Age. There are those who believe that the reason is the earthquake, there are those who believe that the use of force is wrong, and there from the said that the reason is the moral disintegration. This is the same as a (Bawsdom) and (01). On each case says (Marcellus) that survivors of Atlantis fled to Western Europe. The world has forgotten about the legend until the year 1882 when the back of the book (Atlantis..
 The world steeped in antiquity), written by a former member of the US Congress named (Ignatius Donnelly).. It has been claimed that the Atlantis crew was like heaven ... And her first invented the Alphabet. But claimed that the kings of Atlantis WHO took ancient people’s gods, some people still believe that humanity reached perfection in that Covenant and then descended to where we are. (Helena Blavatsky) Famous Russian Fortunetelling declared that the people of Atlantis came from another continent is (Lemuria)..and claimed that she learned this information from the book is hidden in Tibet Name Designer Co. (book). The book (The Secret Of Atlantis) by (Otto Mok) says that as a result of the collision of Atlantis foundered orb land north-west Atlantic Ocean. The author says that there are indeed low near (Puerto Rico). This indicates lifetime body a radius of 10 kilometers, the strength of the explosion of 300 hydrogen bomb. From here changes terrible RITUALISTIC RELAPSED Siberia including the mammoth animals.
Rohani expert recently announced his name (Edgar kylies) that he entered (akashic records) and visited Atlantis.. He said it collapsed because of the explosion of the atomic bomb, and identified its position near the Bahamas, Plato said that the continent was greater than Libya and Asia Minor together, he said that it was in the Atlantic Ocean west of the Pillars of Hercules. The current reached us say that he was speaking about the Strait of Gibraltar. There is a famous diver Named Dr. (valentin) he allegedly found parts of the ancient harbor submerged near the Bahamas, he believed that it was the ashes of Atlantis. There are note how the Indians resemble Indians in Asia.. Then they think of migration across the Chinese mainland. And Atlantis was the bridge that was Carter this crossing.| this meant that they were in the Pacific Ocean? Others believe that the Pillars of Hercules), which he described (plato) was not only the Bosphorus, the strait of sardinia. This makes the place Atlantis in Turkey or sardinia, as some scientists are likely that the explosion of the volcano (Santorini) is that inspired d (plato) the subject of the courtyard (Atlantis) (see also the psychological measurement , Blavatsky) are already exist? There is to date no material evidence of the existence of the continent of Atlantis, but there is some evidence that suggests the non-settled and its presence: 1. The famous maps studied by the sea (Columbus) before the discovery of America was containing a large island not exist at the present time scientists believe Atlantis itself! 2. Researchers have found the wall of up to 120 kilometers in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean known so far that was one of the remnants of the lost continent! 3. The water current known as the Gulf Stream) emanating from the American continent and destined for the continent of Europe Ramifies into two parts in the mid-Atlantic as the wraps on the ground. Scientists believe that this SUBSIDIARITY caused by the existence of a continent (Atlantis) old.


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