The most popular paranormal story at all, and often interpreted the ghost that it represents the spirit of the dead or dead, a phenomenon prevalent in almost all the countries of the world, including the Arab countries ( Kuwait, Egypt, Syria and other) has nearly one million association - without any exaggeration - specializing in the study of and search and secrets of this phenomenon, and if we wanted to, of course, as well as the preparation of those interested in the subject demand close attention over the previous figure at least two zeros..!

The ghosts according to the classification of researchers and people interested in this controversial apparent two types: the type of harmless believed that it represented the souls of those who were killed unjustly, and another friendly inclined to help believes that it represents the lives of persons who were in their lives, your love and appreciation, and of course, there is another kind outside the classification and is type, which does not harm and does not help. Or negative type according to researchers have deployed article ghosts during the Middle Ages to the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, it is very substantially increased the fame of this phenomenon in the last century, specifically what was reported on the specter of US President Abraham Lincoln in the White House, said all of the president (Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill and Eisenhower) they saw that the ghost angered its presence? It is dye ghost stories credible seen by people respect the General Assembly SUBSTANTIALLY, not limited to the story of the priest, Russian Federation (DMITRI), which has been a vivid example of the existence of this phenomenon for a long time..!

In 1911 a.d. in winter nights, pastor (DMITRI)
seen a  beautiful young woman asked him to whoever leads her on the road and soon did so, but the shock was when the note that the neck of the BLEEDING Women..! Make sure after the period that the previous night had killed a young girl from the nobility of the same qualities of the girl he saw, and beheading her fully for her..!!!! The researchers finds in favor of the phenomenon of ghosts that these incidents the biggest proof of the existence of ghosts, what makes both a respected priest such as (DMITRI) or known as governor (Roosevelt) called these views that may lose its credibility.

The phenomenon of ghosts are usually linked to a specific (as homes, or ships, the accusers), famous for many areas or staining the emergence of ghosts where incidents have escalated and cannot be ignored by any observer of the phenomenon, and months those STAINS (کليمز) historical palace located in the Scottish city of (strathmore), where this is the place of the Most Famous Haunted places in the world, possesses scurrying desperately This palace is terrible and frightful Historical Background Like legends, in 1034 killed the king (Malcolm) and this palace at the hands of some of the insurgents, and then burned the Palace Lady (JANET Douglas) Impaling him on charges of sorcery, but after a period of time proved their innocence of charges, since then there have been a lot of rumors about the appearance of cheah ms. (JANET Douglas ) hangs in the corridors of the castle. There is also a house (Megers) which is located in the heart of the (London), where many of the stories woven around the very object transmit interrupt the ladders home down upwards of 15. The subject is not limited to houses, there is a street (كوكيك Lin (London), which has become home to the rumors in the mid 18th century, because of reported one of the houses inhabited by the spectrum of a woman looking for revenge from the Canonized. This was a simple part of the long list of famous streets and homes, some have been closed because of the large number of reports to the appearance of ghosts, some have tried to take pictures of ghosts, some of which have already been published, but that large numbers of them were proved to be false, but this did not prevent the presence of some of the images that have puzzled experts already. The interpretation of the phenomenon of ghosts varies from one person to another, as some believe it may be related to the jinn, while researchers in Britain) - After a long series of studies on the most haunted houses scurrying desperately - that all these homes have a WATERCOURSE in the granite rocks, and because of the friction of water in these rocks, electromagnetic energy is generated affect the minds of the occupants of the house, which makes them in the case of similar to lsd, the Golden Glove boxing tournaments were held in them they see Gelatinous forms وأشباحا might not exist, although this is a very logical explanation - as experts see - one of the most famous interpretations of that phenomenon, however, did not explain all the phenomena related to SCURRYING DESPERATELY. And it collided with that interpretation of the famous incident of the so-called (the GHOSTS of the incident Flight No. 401), in 1972, a tragic accident that killed 176 people, while a plane belonging to the Air Force (Eastern) (Eastern airlines) in the swamp (ايقر gladys), killing all the passengers and crew, after this incident, much talk in the air lines (Eastern) about the appearance of the ghosts of the crew of the ill-fated plane in the company's planes, although the company has tried to hide this subject, and started to separate any employee repeating such sayings, but the terrible gossip has dramatically increased and became the crew of the crashed plane in some of the company's planes - but also in other corporate aircraft. A bis is already striking and cannot be ignored, so the American Airlines agreed in The special publication for aircraft pilots, in which he said that there are some incidents which occur in the aircraft, they must not panic as the cosmic accidents not to interpret them!! This has become | Topic rich material for many American newspapers and journals, but with the passage of time, the appearance of the ghost receded in aircraft accidents, but not disappeared. The subject of the ghosts still to this day baffles scientists, there are believes that phenomenon, there is a strongly denies.

The type of ghosts which is defined in terms of the votes and screams raised, not the physical form - that is not visible - it is believed that the activity of these ghosts appear strongly in the houses inhabited by teenagers between the ages of 12 and 10. It is the specter of the area (Patricia) in (London) of months loud ghost, where the inhabitants of the region they hear sounds frightening annoying unknown source on the different periods of the year 1927. Experts believe that the only scientific explanation of this phenomenon is that the inhabitants of these homes enjoy - without the knowledge of them the ability of animation (Psychokinesis ) and they are unable to control the storage tray things on its own. And despite the fact that the strange interpretation of some of the only logical explanation for this phenomenon if we thought the existence of ghosts.


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