Ted Bundy 1989 - 1946

Famous American serial killer, is considered one of the most famous 20th century and

most frightening, the total number of victims is unknown until this day, but he admitted committing 30 murder, but experts believe that he has committed more than per cent!

Ted Pandey was born on the 4th and 20th of November, 1946, turning a 4-year-old child to live with his sister in Washington when some of the relatives, and his sister was married to a young man (JOHNNY Pandey) father of four children become a burden on (TED) and formed the beginning of a tragic life. What was the small returns from school until he takes the role of the incubator, and nurse his brethren, despite the attempts of many sister pair of education (TED), giving the feeling that one of his sons but he failed completely. It was the (TED) various ideas about himself, and always considered himself an exceptional man, the only man I love this boy is his grandfather, he was respected by the strongly and deeply saddened when big sister moved away from his grandfather's house. If we talk about his adolescence (TED) was very shy, and was subjected to harassment from his colleagues frequently.. He was also a student surpassing, has maintained the higher rate after the end of his secondary school entry to the university. But in college changed completely, according to the testimony of his colleagues friend says later that he has become for (TED) popular among students though ashamed.. He was known for, including the elegant and polite behavior and not dating never girls! But busy skating rink and politics and one of the reasons for this - according to him - is the concern for the young mother and said: "We did not talk much about personal matters, and, of course, did not talk at all about sex or any such thing, my mother was too dire when talking about intimate matters" in 1969, as a strong blow for (TED) greatly influenced in his life, he knew that he believed his sister was in fact his mother, but convinced him that it was his sister because he was an illegitimate son, who did not want to provoke her husband (JOHNNY) deceived is the matter? Making (TED) gets shock changed his entire life! | has not changed its position of his sister, or rather his mother but has become rude with her husband (JOHNNY) and, of course, we cannot half felt. Very difficult to know you are deceived throughout your life and who? The people closest to you.. And changed the other look at him as a base, and the +people had turned into the personality of the DEMURE involving himself to impulsive actions, then register at the University of Washington, where he studied psychology and exceed this specialization and record his name on the list of honor and his genius, but it was not until 1927 that its professors know in college on Elizabeth Kendall), which were later published a book on behalf of my life with Ted Pandey) where she has lived with him for five years and she works as secretary.

The birth of his life (TED) in criminality in 1974 with a girl named Linda that which was INGENIOUS GLITTERING beauty, characterized along the tall, agility, and the month of January of the same year for dinner with friends in case is known for the university students, and did not spend much time there, he quickly decided to go back to the apartment until you see some television programs lover spoke on the phone and then headed to Consummation. That night some noise from her room to the ears of its partner housing. The (Linda) to wake up daily at 5:30 a.m. to go to work in the radio station, and has used its partner housing that awakes from her sleep to the sound of the alarm clock on b (Linda), but UNACCUSTOMED to continue the alarm for a long time for this reason entered the room (Linda) to wake her but found the bed empty and immaculate so i thought that it left early? During her return to her room after turning off the alarm is ringing the phone rang, and when she answered it on the line, one of the colleagues (Linda) asking them was late for work and here he began doubt crept into the heart of the partner (Linda) Housing! In the afternoon of the same day received another call, this time from the parents (Linda) they ask why the arrival of their daughter to the house as agreed with her.. So everyone started concerned and started contacts and questions?! I wonder where disappeared (Linda)? Contact the parents (Linda) police, the investigations started immediately, and the first interface to find a room to sleep, that they may find an impact shows. Indeed, the police entered her room and found her way to rank skeptic! It was strange to arrange a bed (Linda) did not entail before they disagree the usual form of the bedspreads, there were also was covering incomplete vet found blood spot above has remained and the mattress covered and on the clothes of the outstanding sleep beside the remainder of the clothes, as was the door which was keen  Keep it open to non-habit.. I think the policemen that it is not the victim of the crime planned provisions and reached the scene imagine what happened before the disappearance of the victim, imagine that there are forced broke into the house and kill her before the attached Sleep Robe cautiously, then ranked the bed covers and carrying old sheets outside the apartment quietly and search more, showing that her disappearance was similar to cases of disappearance of many in the region, were all victims involved fixed configurations, such as mothers of skinny models and Biped white skin.. Single women.. Relatively long hair and most of them disappeared at night. The investigation began at the university, where he witnessed some of the students said that they noticed the strange man hand bandaged hand carries with him several books, and ask the girls who predominate near him assistance.. And some added that they had noticed and young university camp in the same strange bandaged hand possesses a car type (Volkswagen) and ask for assistance because his car is not working? In October 1974, close to Lake Washington, have found the remains of two new victims (jaynes ut ) and ( Denis nastlud ), was the remnants of two skulls and five bones in addition to color hair curls and found the same year on others (Melissa called and Laura Amy) at the end of the year mentioned, the behavior (TED) Imbue the Foolhardy, while does not care so much evidence on the 8th of November approached the girl of 18 years of age ( Carol darontch) Library and told her that he had seen one of them tries to break her and asked her to accompany him to the parking lot until satisfied. He was in control of the situation, and had begun the victim as one of the security men, the shopping center, which was in his library, and arrived in her car did not find something strange, but the alleged security man insisted that takes its identity and editing a record in the police station, and go by himself so as not to spoil the evidence on her car and agreed but when installed the car (VW), doubt began to creep Unsnap, so i asked him anything to prove his identity. And indeed, remove the Gold Insignia expeditiously and then started driving more quickly in contrast to the direction of the police station shortly after it stopped free of passers-by to Put the handcuffs (Carol), however, there may of started screaming and save! But he chose carefully began the region did not hear one of the...
(Ted) and remove the huge stick wanted to use to kill (Carol), but was able to strike against both her hands before fleeing outside the vehicle indeed was the first victim of the you can escape from the hands of Satan (Ted just went to the police station Home Everything! But police failed to find any evidence that leads them to condemn this insane killer. And during their search found five other bodies 2 (Colorado)! On the 16th of August 1975, the story has taken a serious turn while the officer was ( Bob heward ) in his note the suspect's car passing by and he knows all the neighbors and friends, remember that he did not notice this vehicle (volkswagen)..So the chase them immediately so finally stopped at the Fuel Station roads, ports, railroads, the policeman and asked him driving license to find that it is registered in the name (Theodore Robert Pandey ) and inspected the vehicle found ( HANDCUFFS, ice forceps, Betty, mask used when storage, rope, harness ) so was arrested on suspicion of steal? And started investigations and interrogations, especially after police linked between him and the man who tried to kill ( Carol darontch) on the basis that the handcuffs were of the same type as well as descriptions of the vehicle in the second of October 1975 the (TED) along with other men on ( Carol (at an identification parade suspects which she did immediately and said that the same man who tried to kill her, but the police have failed to find evidence of the murderers of all the victims. In the twenty third of February 1976 was the date of its courts (TED) on charges of kidnapping (Carol darontch) had began in satisfaction and relaxation, and was confident that the elimination hunting innocent of the charges against him. The security of the no That strong evidence convicting him, but he was wrong when ascended the platform certificate told everyone that it had been suffering for six months as a result of the heinous acts, but did (TED) denied knowing out completely! Two days after the verdict of the jury appeared "guilty of kidnapping and the formation of risk to the life of the victim" and sentenced to five years. It has indeed been a prison (Ted Pandey ) during his imprisonment underwent psychological evaluation, and proved that the latter do not complain of paranoia and neurosis and does not suffer from any defect or mental illness, and was not drunk or drug addict, and was not suffering from any disorder or hereditary disease or loss of memory or sexual perversion,

he added to his report that the PSYCHIATRIST (TED) depends mainly on women and he doubts it tight to be humiliated or feel ashamed emotional relations. And during detention continued police investigations in an effort to obtain evidence led to the (TED) had been killed (Karen Campbell and MELISSA Smith) the offender did not know that there are many surprises waiting for him is behind bars, the police found in his car (VW) on many hairs the FBI analyzes proved that they belong to (Karen) and (MELISSA). And that strike received the first skull match the impact on the lever found in the car of the offender it means the same tool. In April 1977, the oldest (TED) on the odd step! When the court decided to confront the crime of killing (Karen Campbell) dismissed his lawyer and decided to defend himself in person? On November 14, 1977, Grant (TED) approval to go to the library to conduct research on the case to defend himself, and during one of the trips to the library in the courthouse he jumped from the window and managed to escape from the grip of justice r police cordoned off the city hurried and established checkpoints separate areas and used by many of the dogs force efficiently and huge total research indeed police managed to arrest him again within a few days of escape, but (TED) did not surrender and the accident of not less exciting than the previous ones and after seven months (t) succeeded to escape again using the smart plan to creep that has arrived in another part of the building and hid in the reservoirs of the prisoners, and wait to make sure the place and then went out the door to freedom! He did not know about his disappearance, but after 15 hours, while the (TED) on the way to (Florida)? Only a few days until he returned (TED) to criminal activity and what evidence proves to us that he was actually suffer from psychological problems despite the intellect, it was not supposed to back the criminal activity in these circumstances, but the OLDEST already killed all ( Lisa Levy ) after sexually assaulted and Margaret Bowman) which left after killing a great deal of evidence showing were arrested immediately after the incident? In January 1980 guest trial (TED) again and tried to defend himself at the first meeting, but he failed miserably in the vocal cords lawyers (jules smokes) f) Lin Thompson), who tried to prove that (TED) is crazy…
But they failed in that also, which made him to be entrusted with a full team of lawyers, but they have also failed to improve its position was sentenced to death! The strange thing is that after the verdict, (TED) began to admit its crimes and said that he retains a number of the heads of the victims in his home as souvenirs, and that he is attracted to the bodies of their victims and considered it more police thugs in terms of the number of victims and in the twenty-fourth of January 1989 executed human monster who terrified the whole America. A monster named (Ted Pandey )

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