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Necromancy /ˈnɛkrɵˌmænsi/ is a claimed form of magic involving communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. The term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic or witchcraft. The word "necromancy" is adapted from Late Latin necromantia, itself borrowed from post-Classical Greek νεκρομαντεία (nekromanteía), a compound of Ancient Greek νεκρός (nekrós), "dead body", and μαντεία (manteía), "prophecy or divination"; this compound form was first used by Origen of Alexandria in the 3rd century CE. The Classical Greek term was ἡ νέκυια (nekyia), from the episode of the Odyssey in which Odysseus visits the realm of the dead, νεκυομαντεία in Hellenistic Greek, rendered as necyomantīa in Latin, and as necyomancy in 17th-century English.[1] In medieval Latin and English texts the variant nigromantia, "nigromancy", is found. This form arose when writers of that era replaced the Greek word element necro- with the better-known Latin nigro-, "black".[2] In Renaissance magic, nigromancy (as necromancy was often called during that period due to its presumed association with black magic) was classified foremost among seven "forbidden arts", all of them methods of divination.[3]


Early necromancy was related to – and most likely evolved from – shamanism, which calls upon spirits such as the ghosts of ancestors. Classical necromancers addressed the dead in "a mixture of high-pitch squeaking and low droning", comparable to the trance-state mutterings of shamans.[4] Necromancy was prevalent throughout Western antiquty with records of its practice in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In his Geographica, Strabo refers to νεκρομαντία (necyomanteis), or "diviners by the dead", as the foremost practitioners of divination amongst the people of Persia,[5] and it is believed to have also been widespread amongst the peoples of Chaldea (particularly the Sabians, or "star-worshipers"), Etruria, and Babylonia.

The Babylonian necromancers were called manzazuu or sha'etemmu, and the spirits they raised were called etemmu. The oldest literary account of necromancy is found in Homer’s Odyssey.[6][7] Under the direction of Circe, a powerful sorceress, Odysseus travels to the underworld (katabasis) in order to gain insight about his impending voyage home by raising the spirits of the dead through the use of spells which Circe has taught him. He wishes to invoke and question the shade of Tiresias in particular; however, he is unable to summon the seer's spirit without the assistance of others. The Odyssey's passages contain many descriptive references to necromantic rituals: rites must be performed around a pit with fire during nocturnal hours, and Odysseus has to follow a specific recipe, which includes the blood of sacrificial animals, to concoct a libation for the ghosts to drink while he recites prayers to both the ghosts and gods of the underworld.[8] Practices such as these, varying from the mundane to the grotesque, were commonly associated with necromancy. Rituals could be quite elaborate, involving magic circles, wands, talismans, and incantations. The necromancer might
also surround himself with morbid aspects of death, which often included wearing the deceased's clothing and consuming foods that symbolized lifelessness and decay such as unleavened black bread and unfermented grape juice. Some necromancers even went so far as to take part in the mutilation and consumption of corpses.[9] These ceremonies could carry on for hours, days, or even weeks, leading up the eventual summoning of spirits. Frequently they were performed in places of interment or other melancholy venues that suited specific guidelines of the necromancer. Additionally, necromancers preferred to summon the recently departed based on the premise that their revelations were spoken more clearly. This timeframe was usually limited to the twelve months following the death of the physical body; once this period elapsed, necromancers would evoke the deceased’s ghostly spirit instead.[10] While some cultures considered the knowledge of the dead to be unlimited, ancient Greeks and Romans believed that individual shades knew only certain things. The apparent value of their counsel may have been based on things they knew in life or knowledge they acquired after death. Ovid writes in his Metamorphoses of a marketplace in the underworld where the dead convene to exchange news and gossip.[11][12] There are also several references to necromancers – called "bone-conjurers" amongst Jews of the later Hellenistic period[13] – in the Bible. The Book of Deuteronomy (18:9–12[14]) explicitly warns the Israelites against engaging in the Canaanite practice of divination from the dead: 9When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do according to the abominations of those nations. 10There shall not be found among you any one who maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or who useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, 11or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. 12For all who do these things are an abomination unto the LORD, and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee (KJV). Though Mosaic Law prescribed the death penalty to practitioners of necromancy (Leviticus 20:27[15]), this warning was not always heeded. One of the foremost examples is when King Saul had the Witch of Endor invoke the shade of Samuel, a judge and prophet, from Sheol using a ritual conjuring pit (1 Samuel 28:3–25[16]). Some Christian writers later rejected the idea that humans could bring back the spirits of the dead and interpreted such shades as disguised demons instead, thus conflating necromancy with demon summoning. Caesarius of Arles entreats his audience to put no stock in any demons or gods other than the Christian God, even if the working of spells appears to provide benefit. He states that demons only act with divine permission and are permitted by God to test Christian people. Caesarius does not condemn man here; he only states that the art of necromancy exists, although it is prohibited by the Bible.[17]

Early and High Middle Ages 

Norse mythology also contains examples of necromancy, such as the scene in the Prophecy of the Völva (Völuspá) in which Odin summons a völva, or shamanic seeress, from the dead to tell him of the future.[18] In The Spell of Gróa (Grógaldr), the first part of The Lay of Svipdagr (Svipdagsmál), the hero Svipdag summons his dead mother, Gróa, to cast spells for him. In the Saga of King Hrolf kraki (Hrólfs saga kraka), the half-elven princess Skuld was very skilled in witchcraft (seiðr) to the point that she was almost invincible in battle: when her warriors fell, she made them rise again to continue fighting. Many medieval writers believed resurrection was impossible without the assistance of the Christian God. They translated the practice of divination as conjuring demons who took the appearance of spirits. The practice became known explicitly as demonic magic and was condemned by the Catholic Church.[19] Though the practitioners of necromancy were linked by many common threads, there is no evidence that these necromancers were ever organized as a group. Medieval necromancy is believed to be a synthesis of astral magic derived from Arabic influences and exorcism derived from Christian and Jewish teachings. Arabic influences are evident in rituals that involve moon phases, sun placement, day and time. Fumigation and the act of burying images are also found in both astral magic and necromancy. Christian and Jewish influences are found in the symbols and conjuration formulas used in summoning rituals.[20] Practitioners were often members of the Christian clergy, though some nonclerical practitioners are recorded. In some instances, mere apprentices or those ordained to lower orders dabbled in the practice. They were connected by a belief in the manipulation of spiritual beings – especially demons – and magical practices. These practitioners were almost always literate and well educated. Most possessed basic knowledge of exorcism and had access to texts of astrology and demonology. Clerical training was informal and admission to universities was rare. Most were trained under apprenticeships and were expected to have a basic knowledge of Latin, ritual and doctrine. This education was not always linked to spiritual guidance and seminaries were almost nonexistent. This absence allowed some aspiring clerics to combine Christian rites with occult practices despite its condemnation in Christian doctrine.[21] Medieval practitioners believed they could accomplish three things with necromancy: will manipulation, illusions, and knowledge. Will manipulation affects the mind and will of another person, animal, or spirit. Demons are summoned to cause various afflictions on others, "to drive them mad, to inflame them to love or hatred, to gain their favor, or to constrain them to do or not do some deed."[22] Illusions involve reanimation of the dead or conjuring food, entertainment, or a mode of transportation. Knowledge is discovered through demons, who provide information about various things which include identifying criminals, finding items, or revealing future events. The act of performing medieval necromancy usually involved magic circles, conjurations, and sacrifices such as those shown in the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic. Circles were usually traced on the ground, though cloth and parchment were sometimes implemented. Various objects, shapes, symbols, and letters may be drawn or placed within that represent a mixture of Christian and occult ideas. Circles were believed to empower and protect what was contained within, including protecting the necromancer from the conjured demons. Conjuration is the method of communicating with the demons to enter the physical world. It usually employs the power of special words and stances to call out the demons and often incorporated the use of Christian prayers or biblical verses. These conjurations may be repeated in succession or repeated to different directions until the summoning is complete. Sacrifice was the payment for summoning; though it may involve the flesh of a human being or animal, it could sometimes be as simple as offering a certain object. Instructions for obtaining these items were usually specific. The time, location, and method of gathering items for sacrifice could also play an important role in the ritual.[23] The rare confessions of those accused of necromancy suggest that there was a range of spell casting and the related magical experimentation. It is difficult to determine if these details were due to their practices, as opposed to the whims of their interrogators. John of Salisbury is one of the first examples related by Richard Kieckhefer, but as a Parisian ecclesiastical court record of 1323 shows, a "group who were plotting to invoke the demon Berich from inside a circle made from strips of cat skin," were obviously participating in the church’s definition of "necromancy".[24] Herbert Stanley Redgrove claims that necromancy was one of three chief branches of medieval ceremonial magic, the others being black magic and white magic.[25] This does not correspond to contemporary classifications, which use nigromancy and black arts synonymously.

The book is a popular British charm charming translated (Daniel de months), of the basic concepts in the Book of Enoch) that there are 20 DEMON came to earth, had inter girls human beings delivered frightening atomic.. Members of the Agency were advancing scientifically impeccable advanced weapons has made strange jewelry and they were drinking the blood habit grainy this story also exists in the TALMUD itself, of the concepts prevailing in the book of necronomicon that speak of the Entities Old ones.. It larger entities of human beings. Behind the human beings. I think (Abdul Alhazred) that other vertebrate species live in the non-human inherited this land, and that what he knows rights defined by the objects, behind this world, and security. The careful in this - that the stars other suns around other planets, and claimed that he had contacted the old entities, The old ones through magic.. He was of the view that they will dominate the earth at the end of the world as we know switches to ruin.

He claimed he learned this from the ruins (Babel) and (TOSS). These books believes that God created several worlds before this DECOMPOSED all because of the evil of the old entities.. In the Hebrew word is (Den) and its meaning (judgment on things). The universe itself the greatest للدن model.. Then comes the concept of (cllipoth).. cllipoth briefly is the CRUST of evil in the world. It is the CRUST and no more, but the sins of human beings can fill in.. Here the exercise walden adversely affected because the distinction between human beings and some.. seven kings represent the previous seven worlds destroyed. The Book of Enoch) appeared to the world as a translator by (de), who claimed that he met those old entities through this book. He said it was using a strange blade, but he found a solution to this code in the (Enoch) was able to related, it has been used by many MAGICIANS with language code but comfortable.

Telepathy is direct transference of thought from one person (sender or agent) to
another (receiver or percipient) without using the usual sensory channels of
communication, hence a form of extrasensory perception (ESP). While the
existence of telepathy has not yet been proved, some parapsychological research
studies have produced favourable results using such techniques as card guessing
with a special deck of five sets of five cards. The agent may simply think of a
random order of the five card symbols while the percipient tries to think of the
order on which the agent is concentrating. In a general ESP test the sender
concentrates on the face of one card at a time while the receiver tries to think
of the symbol. Both subjects are, of course, separated by a screen or some
greater obstacle or distance. Scores significantly above chance are extremely
rare, particularly as testing methods have become more rigorous.

Precognition is supernormal knowledge of future events, with emphasis not upon
mentally causing events to occur but upon predicting those the occurrence of
which the subject claims has already been determined. Like telepathy and
clairvoyance, precognition is said to operate without recourse to the normal
senses and thus to be a form of extrasensory perception (esp).
There is a long tradition of anecdotal evidence for foreseeing the future in
dreams and by various devices such as observing the flight of birds or examining
the entrails of sacrificial animals. Precognition has been tested with subjects
required to predict the future order of cards in a deck about to be shuffled or
to foretell results of dice throws, but the statistical support for it has
generally been less convincing than that from experiments in telepathy and
Telepathy is instinctual. Primitive species used it as a survival mechanism. It
involves mind to mind contact - communication - of one mind with another by
means beyond the normal or ordinary - beyonf the frequencies of the five
physical senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.
It is the 'instinct' in humanity that creates the ability that we call
telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, etc.
We have forgotten have how to rely on our basic instincts, which is intuition,
because of our reliance on ego-consciousness.
When I do a psychic reading on someone I am communicating telepathically with
the client's soul their thoughts.

Telepathy and Dreams

Dreams also bring telepathic messages. If they are about the future - they are
called precognitive dreams.
Some dreams are the way a deceased loved one will communicate with you as they
may not have a physical body anymore - but they still exist in a higher
frequency level where the entities have no physical form. In those frequency
there is no physical form - therefore no physical speech patterns. It is all
done by telepathy. When you dream - you no longer have the burdens of a physical
body. You communicate by telepathy. You meet up with spirit in dream time and
share adventures. Try to remember what what said - or messages given to you - as
soon as you wake up - your conscious returns to your third dimensional body.
The most common published accounts of telepathy and ESP are between lovers or
family members, and focus on a life-threatening injury or death. These people
know how to tune into each other's frequencies as they spend time together.
There is usually a strong desire to communicate between two distant (separated)
A mother senses her child is in danger. An individual senses the death of a
family member. These make the most dramatic stories - heightened tension,
nick-of-time rescues. However, keep in mind that telepathic situations may be
happening all the time, but we lack the awareness to recognize them. In times of
crisis we sent out our message and those who are in tune will pick it up.
From Todd Laurence:


Legendary continent.. The first description of that continent was by Plato in 350 BC in two famous discussions called (Critias) and (Timaeus)
.. Says that the great Greek named (Solon) visited Egypt, he knew from  the priests, there is the story of the continent..
 We have described how Atlantis advanced rich and militarily strong, and how controlled days on all of Europe, and said that the only people that defeat was Greece.

Then after the defeat happened it sank in the Pacific Ocean Earthquake Atlantis.. The man was martyred with the Egyptian priests who lived before 200. (Solon) said that the gods of the Greeks divided the world among them, that was chosen (Poseidon) the God of the sea and the African continent in particular. He married a woman from human beings called (cleto).. They built a house in the center of the country, exactly, took this house five overlapping circles of water and land for protection. On this house built fences city arose (Metropolis) legend has it that (Poseidon) BEGOTTEN of the five twins.. All males. The first one was twins (Atlas), which we know, holding the sky on his shoulders as the words (Plato) must be the destruction of Atlantis occurred in 9600 BC, historians believe that there is confusion in one of the ZEROS. The Atlantis crew had been destroyed since the 900 Year 9000 Year.. So we can say that it lived the Bronze Age. There are those who believe that the reason is the earthquake, there are those who believe that the use of force is wrong, and there from the said that the reason is the moral disintegration. This is the same as a (Bawsdom) and (01). On each case says (Marcellus) that survivors of Atlantis fled to Western Europe. The world has forgotten about the legend until the year 1882 when the back of the book (Atlantis..
 The world steeped in antiquity), written by a former member of the US Congress named (Ignatius Donnelly).. It has been claimed that the Atlantis crew was like heaven ... And her first invented the Alphabet. But claimed that the kings of Atlantis WHO took ancient people’s gods, some people still believe that humanity reached perfection in that Covenant and then descended to where we are. (Helena Blavatsky) Famous Russian Fortunetelling declared that the people of Atlantis came from another continent is (Lemuria)..and claimed that she learned this information from the book is hidden in Tibet Name Designer Co. (book). The book (The Secret Of Atlantis) by (Otto Mok) says that as a result of the collision of Atlantis foundered orb land north-west Atlantic Ocean. The author says that there are indeed low near (Puerto Rico). This indicates lifetime body a radius of 10 kilometers, the strength of the explosion of 300 hydrogen bomb. From here changes terrible RITUALISTIC RELAPSED Siberia including the mammoth animals.
Rohani expert recently announced his name (Edgar kylies) that he entered (akashic records) and visited Atlantis.. He said it collapsed because of the explosion of the atomic bomb, and identified its position near the Bahamas, Plato said that the continent was greater than Libya and Asia Minor together, he said that it was in the Atlantic Ocean west of the Pillars of Hercules. The current reached us say that he was speaking about the Strait of Gibraltar. There is a famous diver Named Dr. (valentin) he allegedly found parts of the ancient harbor submerged near the Bahamas, he believed that it was the ashes of Atlantis. There are note how the Indians resemble Indians in Asia.. Then they think of migration across the Chinese mainland. And Atlantis was the bridge that was Carter this crossing.| this meant that they were in the Pacific Ocean? Others believe that the Pillars of Hercules), which he described (plato) was not only the Bosphorus, the strait of sardinia. This makes the place Atlantis in Turkey or sardinia, as some scientists are likely that the explosion of the volcano (Santorini) is that inspired d (plato) the subject of the courtyard (Atlantis) (see also the psychological measurement , Blavatsky) are already exist? There is to date no material evidence of the existence of the continent of Atlantis, but there is some evidence that suggests the non-settled and its presence: 1. The famous maps studied by the sea (Columbus) before the discovery of America was containing a large island not exist at the present time scientists believe Atlantis itself! 2. Researchers have found the wall of up to 120 kilometers in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean known so far that was one of the remnants of the lost continent! 3. The water current known as the Gulf Stream) emanating from the American continent and destined for the continent of Europe Ramifies into two parts in the mid-Atlantic as the wraps on the ground. Scientists believe that this SUBSIDIARITY caused by the existence of a continent (Atlantis) old.


Fictional character.. A pair (Lilith).. Imagine veterans a monster the three warheads.

The head of a live goat and head like a bull, the third drew deformed is ambiguous and hitch a ride on the back of the Assyrian lion the beast itself, he may designate the feet of a goose. With the tail of the snake. In the Jewish doctrines is the king of the devils.. His mission is the distinction couples.. It is the distinction between husband and wife make them adore fornication and adultery. It is said that the expulsion to the land of Egypt brokered by a mantra of heart and liver of the fish which have been cremated.

Spontaneous human combustion (SHC)
Mysterious phenomenon, strange and frightening, there is no scientific explanation is clear until now, as the burning of the rights without the left only minor parts of his body.

The phenomenon of self-combustion has gained wide fame after he talked about the great English writer (Charles Dickens) in some detail in his book known as Bleak House). The incident, which took place in the Us State of Florida from months accidents self-combustion, when I found the WIDOW (Mary) professional ريزر her completely without the remains of only simple parts of her body, while found all kitchen utensils in the kitchen melted completely, and the experts have estimated the temperature (Mary) b(1500) degrees Celsius!! A considerable degree can not only are they being artificially created using the HOLOCAUSTS of enormous size, such as those for waste incineration or bodies, there are many other incidents that are more surprising, perhaps the most famous incident of a dancer (mile Andrews) when burned in a surprise in front of a crowd of the public in one of the night clubs in 1930 and left nothing at all, in fact, there are more than 200 one incident recorded by the forensic auditor similar cases where people burn completely without any reason, leaving behind the simple parts of the body, and sometimes nothing at all the fact that there are more than 200 one incident recorded by the forensic auditor similar situations where people burn completely without any reason leaving behind the simple parts of the body, and sometimes nothing at all. Involving UNMEE patrols such as the one that occurred in 1956 when an old woman burned to the bottom of the knees a few centimeters and sit on the wooden seat, the same seat without any something, or even the effects of fire!! The Temperature was estimated in those ms. more than (1800) degrees Celsius!! The most INTRIGUE scientists in the phenomenon of self-combustion is the enormous temperatures which victims, not ever burning human cells that happens temperatures up to this high grades, and the eruption of fire without cause is impossible from a scientific point of view. Although the recognition of scientists that phenomenon, but, as we mentioned at the outset. have been unable to find any scientific explanation or even the ASSUMPTION

The basic common factors self-combustion phenomenon: 

  • all incidents of self-combustion) that the fire had appeared (INSTANTANEOUSLY) without the presence of any source of heat is estimated at more than 1,500 degrees Celsius. 
  •  Affected by burning the body of the victim only (stem is often affected and the backbone of the sound remains foot) often is not affected by any of the tools of the room, where there has been self-combustion. 
  • Most of the accidents happen inside the houses and not in the open air or the street. . 
  • There are rarely witnesses to these incidents. - These incidents occur often older women?

Inkubus (the legend)

'Inʞubus' tells the story of a skeleton crew working the final shift at a soon-to-be demolished police station in Wood Haven, Rhode Island. The night takes a gruesome turn when the demon, Inkubus (Robert Englund), calmly walks into the station holding the severed head of a murdered girl. Inkubus toys with the crew, allowing himself to be restrained, and begins to proudly confess to his litany of crimes, some dating back to the Middle Ages. Inkubus has a score to settle with the one detective (William Forsythe) that almost put him away some thirteen years ago. To their dismay, the cops quickly become pawns in Inkubus’ brutal crowning achievement of murder, gore, and mayhem.[1]

An incubus is a fiend in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleeping women in order to engage in sexual activity with them. Its female counterpart is a succubus. Salacious tales of incubi and succubi have been told for many centuries in traditional societies.

'Inʞubus' tells the story of a skeleton crew working the final shift at a soon-to-be demolished police station in Wood Haven, Rhode Island. The night takes a gruesome turn when the demon, Inkubus (Robert Englund), calmly walks into the station holding the severed head of a murdered girl. Inkubus toys with the crew, allowing himself to be restrained, and begins to proudly confess to his litany of crimes, some dating back to the Middle Ages. Inkubus has a score to settle with the one detective (William Forsythe) that almost put him away some thirteen years ago. To their dismay, the cops quickly become pawns in Inkubus’ brutal crowning achievement of murder, gore, and mayhem.[1]

Telekinesis you believe?  

in this phenomenon I can say it's takeoff for now....

Telekinesis is the ability to move or bend objects with the power of the mind.
The various things that can be included under telekinesis are: moving, vibrating, bending, lifting, spinning, and breaking of objects using mental powers.


We all are made up of the same basic matter - energy. Therefore, it is straightforward to assume that energy can be manipulated. Thus, objects can be moved or bent using the power of the mind.

These are abilities that are present in a nascent form within all of us. We all can learn how to get in touch with these capabilities and to use them. All it takes is some amount of concentration and practice.

Here are some exercises for you to try out so as to learn how to get in touch with and develop your psychokinetic abilities:

Bending a Metal Spoon

For this exercise you will need a metal spoon. Wash your hands and sit down in a chair which is near a table. Make sure that you are sitting straight and your feet are firmly on the floor. Hold the spoon in your hand and visualize that the energy of the spoon and your energy is melding into one another. Then visualize that the spoon is bending because you are asking it to bend for you. Always make a request, don't force it - either physically or mentally.

Don't worry if it doesn't happen right away. Spend about ten to fifteen minutes everyday doing this exercise and see what happens.

Creative Visualization Technique for ESP

This is a very interesting exercise to learn and develop your extra sensory perception abilities. We all know, more or less, what we are going to be doing the next day. We are going to take advantage of this for this particular exercise.

Sit down comfortably and relax. Close your eyes and imagine that there is a blank movie screen in front of your eyes. Soon, you are going to see yourself going through various things and events (which you know you are going to do the next day). Visualize your self doing those things, and going to those places and meeting those people. Focus on the sights, the sounds, smells, colors and the dialog.

Do this for about ten to fifteen minutes and relax and open your eyes. Write this down in a notebook. See what happens the next day. Observe this trend for a month or two - always comparing with your notes. See how your accuracy increases over a period of time.

These exercises will surely help you with learning and developing your psychokinetic skills. This is more like developing your "psychic muscle". Don't get frustrated if you don't see results immediately, the results will also come with time. Meanwhile, if you are practicing any form of meditation, it is great. If you are not, then you could try doing that. Just don't get angry or frustrated while doing your exercises. Be polite with the forces you drive, and always ask instead of commanding.


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